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Key Features  
  • Satisfy Legislative requirements
  • Safer working conditions
  • Prevention of Injuriesns
  • Prevention of Damageesns
  • Prevention of individual errorss
  • Awareness is heightened using a visible systems
  • Prevent litigation

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Date added;: 04.March.2010
Author: admin
Description  Create and maintain a safer working environment and comply with regulatory standards by protecting your most precious assets People, Products & Premises, with our comprehensive range of Locks, Tags & Labels.

See our brochure for a full range of Lockout/Tagout products

Applications  Isolate the source or delivery of potentially hazardous Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic or Mechanical power whilst repair, maintenance, cleaning or installation is being carried out.

For details on our training DVD and the steps you need to take on How to Establish and Implement a good Lockout/Tagout programme click here.

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